December 10

once reflection

when his Jewish parents place young Felix in an orphanage in war-torn Poland, they tell him that they must leave to fix their book business. Felix knows they will return. Curiously, one morning men in dark suits storm the orphanage and start burning books—these must be the people his parents have fled from. Others call these men Nazis; Felix doesn’t understand. Determined to be reunited with his family and to save more books from being burned, Felix runs away. But during his travels he sees even more horrors: People are beaten, starved and shot. All because of books? Felix’s misconceptions are heartbreaking, and readers will wince as he slowly and painfully gets closer to the truth. Packed with plenty of sadness, Felix’s story is also touched with hope. He meets a kind-hearted man, loosely based on the real-life Janusz Korczak. A resonant shot to the heart—Gleitzman delivers a sharp sense of what it must have been like to be a child during the Holocaust, forced to grow up far too quickly.

November 29

100 word challenge

Scrolling through the channels on the TV, i finally found channel 7. I clicked on the channel, we seemed to be on the television! “Surely that can’t be us!” I yelled. I was so confused when I was calling down my dad. He had come into the room and had a confused look on his face. He looked at me as to say “What do you want?” I looked over at the TV. He nodded as to know why we were on there. He just walked off and I was in shock. When I was at school, I told my friends.

November 26


First we went to Traffic Scholl then we got on the bus to Sidney road then got the train to antsy station got onto the tram to Coburg lake walked to merie creek and pentrig prison  got tram to the Library went to CERES and came back to went back to school

November 16

One day I went to a circus in California. and to my surprise, I stared at a yellow gorilla who was building with red concrete bricks which were cool, but I dropped my popcorn at the right time. When I went to pick it up I see a red brick fly above my face then everyone started running and I ran also. We escaped the gorilla but she leaped out of the circus and a man was riding the gorilla and he said: “Don’t worry the pretty yellow gorilla won’t bite,”. After that day I never went to another circus.

October 31

100 wc

I was walking out of my house with the trash sulking and stumbling over my own sadness. I threw the trash away and walked slowly back. When I got back to our front door I opened it slowly and quietly. My mom was waiting. She had seen my bad report card on the kitchen table. I looked up and she said, “Two weeks without the Xbox.”
I screamed back, “Why!?! We are always moving it’s too hard to focus on grades.”


All she said in a calm voice was, “Because I said so.”
October 22


Recalls – red 

Qestions – brown 

insite – green 


The Mars rover is as big as a small car.

The Mars rover has a saw and a laser to cut and analyze rocks.

It took Eight months to get the rover to Mars.


If there are all ready rovers there why do they need this one? 

what are the other rovers called? 


thay made the Mars rover so they can study the rocks  on Mars .

October 12

3 Recalls-Red

2 Questions-Blue

1 Insight- Green


The Babylonians had the knowledge or a thing called the mathematical model to create calendars.

The Babylonians could predict Astronomical Phenomenon. 

The Mayan made the long count calendar and had the count of base 20.


1. My first question is that why did he think that the Earth was in the middle of the universe?

2. My second question is that why didn’t the Mayan not use base 10? Was it not created then?


My Insight is that a lot of Ancient People like the Babylonians and the Mayan studied the stars for so long and some of us continue to study the stars and find the patterns of what the stars do, also the calendar has also been here for a long time.

October 12

100 wc

A few weeks ago, I was going to a camp that was pretty cool. The vibe was really odd and really scary. It reminded me of a time when I was younger when I was going to preschool. Back then, my preschool was very woodsy and outdoorsy and just a fun relaxing place to go to preschool. For whatever reason, I felt like I was back in preschool. Then, I started to hate the camp, and all I wanted to do was leave and get out of that place. I got out of that place and never ever went back.