3 Recalls-Red

2 Questions-Blue

1 Insight- Green


The Babylonians had the knowledge or a thing called the mathematical model to create calendars.

The Babylonians could predict Astronomical Phenomenon. 

The Mayan made the long count calendar and had the count of base 20.


1. My first question is that why did he think that the Earth was in the middle of the universe?

2. My second question is that why didn’t the Mayan not use base 10? Was it not created then?


My Insight is that a lot of Ancient People like the Babylonians and the Mayan studied the stars for so long and some of us continue to study the stars and find the patterns of what the stars do, also the calendar has also been here for a long time.

100 wc

A few weeks ago, I was going to a camp that was pretty cool. The vibe was really odd and really scary. It reminded me of a time when I was younger when I was going to preschool. Back then, my preschool was very woodsy and outdoorsy and just a fun relaxing place to go to preschool. For whatever reason, I felt like I was back in preschool. Then, I started to hate the camp, and all I wanted to do was leave and get out of that place. I got out of that place and never ever went back.


 So one day my teacher said, to improve your fitness we will be going on a trip to Risky Rock Climbing. The whole class got so excited. When we arrived I ran straight to my favorite wall. The mauve level 5 wall. It had lots of different rocks some shaped like people and some even shaped like an alligator. I started climbing the wall. It was very tricky but I  managed to get to the top. I couldn’t believe it I climbed the mauve level 5 wall but then I saw the maroon level 6 wall they just built and then…………



I was walking to school quite a few days ago  when all of a sudden I wasn’t looking where I was going and I tripped over a huge statue. The statue was of two hands clenched together holding some sort of tree like thing. I turned round

I released it wasn’t a statue and I had some many questions racing around my head. Like whose hands are these and what are they holding and most importantly why are they underground I had no clue what the answer were to any of my many questions. It was all so amazingly strange.


100 wc

I had just walked to the kitchen to get myself a cup of water when I noticed something was wrong about it. It was quite a questionable color of Blue, but what color should it be? Wasn’t it transparent? Or Teal? It surely wasn’t green. Is it safe for drinking? or would it be Deadly and hazardous?

All these questions for a miniature cup of discolored water. Knowing that I had some orange soda in the fridge, I left the water and got my Orange Soda when I noticed it was Fluorescent Green. But what color should it be? 


As I was walking up the stairs to my bedroom, I looked out the big window that gives us a magnificent view of the pink river that is about a 5-minute walk from here. Once I was in my bedroom I found a biscuit that my mum had cooked. I hopped onto my bed, opened up my computer and continued writing my speech. I was very nervous about it. After about 1 paragraph I starting watching Netflix and about 10 minutes into my movie I was called down for dinner. We were having my favorite dinner, it was Nachos yay. the end


There was a knock on the door, when I opened it there was a mailman. He said that he had a letter for Mr banana, he started going on and on about how he has been a mailman for 13 years, but I got bored and was daydreaming about what the letter could be. I have never had a letter delivered to my name Mr banana before. When he left I ran to my room and as I read the content of the letter, I was aware that I had the biggest smile on my face. It was from my Granddad.